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Sword-Wielding Victorian Lizard Women in Doctor Who Season 7

Looks like Madame Vastra, the Silurian adventuress from last season, is coming back. There’s also a Sontaran in a suit and tie, which could be Commander Strax. However, seeing as how that character died at the end of  ‘A Good Man Goes to War,’ I’d think that means they’re going to give the backstory for how the Doctor met some of the characters in that episode.

I’m speculating that this episode, or at least scenes from it, could be set in an earlier point in the Doctor’s timeline because they almost never have the Doctor go back and meet characters that have died when he was present. In fact, the only example of that I can remember, ever, is River Song. Say . . . when was he planning to mention any of that to Amy and Rory?


A Recent Interview with David Tennant

Good interview with one of my favorite doctors.

The New Doctor Who Companion Will Be Named Clara

Pictures from the set of the Fall Doctor Who series over at The Mary Sue.  The next Doctor Who companion will be named Clara, and [spoiler alert] will be a cute girl.

For the other half of my audience, Farscape star (and native North Carolinian!) Ben Browder will be in the 3rd episode.

Borg and Cybermen Team Up: It’s Assimilation Squared

Looks like it’s Doctor Who Sunday here at Stone Soup HQ: I’ve been out of the comics scene for a while, but here’s an interesting one: The 11th Doctor is teaming up with Captain Picard to defeat an alliance of Borg and Cybermen.  I’m a little surprised they could work out the licensing on this:

New Doctor Who Mini Episode Written by Schoolkids

This is neat: they had a contest to let schoolkids in the UK write their own Doctor Who mini-episode to advertise the 2012 Olympics.

It’s the return of the Weeping Angels!