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Back to Life

After having gone dark for, I dunno, feels like a year, the Stone Soup Novelist is struggling back to life. Here’s what’s happened in the interim: I’ve mothballed my original, galaxy-spanning epic science fiction blockbuster. It turns out that creating your own universe, complete with civilizations, histories, and cultures across many planets, is a lot of work, and doing that while learning how to write a novel and hold down a full time job was just too much. So, I’ve dialed it back and decided to tackle something a little more familiar. The new idea is a mystery set in present-day North Carolina. The first chapter is here:  More to come later.


I’m writing a novel

I’m starting a blog so that anyone who wants to pitch in with ideas can do so.  Clicking on this post should take you there. To make sure I don’t wimp out halfway through, I just sent this message to everyone I’ve ever known.  Keep me honest.  Thanks.