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Finish this sentence: Society would just fall apart if…

I think my fictional world is in for some kind of crisis.  But what kind?


Who is someone you knew…

Who had an interesting belief system different from yours?

I want to take my readers to different, new places with different, new people.  Who are some different people you’ve met?

Who’s a real character?

Someone you always tell stories about. Someone you’ve known or encountered that made you say “Now that person should be in a book.” Well, now they can be! I’ll fashion a character in my novel after the most memorable characters you tell me about. First names only, this is going public!

Finish this sentence: I can never hear too much about…

What’s a topic you find endlessly fascinating, and why? Maybe I can work it into the book.

Fill in the blank: If I could have married a fictional character it would have been___

I need endearing characters for my book; who are some good examples?

Finish this sentence: You know who I love to hear talk? People from…

I’ll have to start writing dialogue eventually.  Who are some good models of colorful talkers?

Finish this sentence: One time I nearly jumped out of my skin was…

If this book’s going to sell, I need thrills! Something to keep them on the edge of their seats…

Thanks for the ideas

Thanks to Nate over at NC Pendergast at for cool geology ideas.  Iceland…Cloud Forests…a river with great green trees sprouting up like mushrooms.  This is helping me flesh out my vague idea of a cloudy planet of airships and 18th century technology.

What’s a really cool geological formation?

I need to imagine another planet.  What are some places with really interesting landscapes or geology to help me brainstorm?

What is some of the freakiest weather you’ve ever encountered?

I’m trying to imagine what weather might be like on another planet.  What’s the weirdest weather you’ve ever encountered on Earth?