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The notion of assigning each character a Motivation, Goal, Conflict, and Epiphany comes from Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method:

The personality type descriptions are adapted from the Personality Page:

Caldwell Saag – Nephew of Spencer Troi. To secure the interests of the Troi family, he will stand for election in the new Government.

  • Motivation: Influence, advancement
  • Goal: To be elected to the office of X and secure iron contracts for the house of Troi.
  • Conflict:
  • Epiphany:

Dialogue Examples

“Good. Excellent.” He put his hand to his forehead. “Could you . . . Do you just think you might try to be a little more clear?”

“You’re going to do that for me then?”

“Okay, repeat back to me what I just said, in your own words.”

“I wish I could believe that. I really do.”

Personality Type: ISFP

  • Artist. Deals with things according to how he feels about them, or hwo they fit into his value system.
  • Takes information in literal, concrete fashion. In tune with how things look, feel, taste, smell, sound.
  • Things offend his sense of what is right aethetically.
  • Quiet and reserved. Holds back opinions except to those closest to him.
  • Animal lover. Art lover.
  • A “doer,” he learns best in a hands-on environment.
  • Gathers specific information about people and tries to discover what it means.
  • Decisions evaluated against his subjective beliefs, not objective rules or laws.
  • Sympathetic. Service-oriented. Has the capacity for deep caring for those closest to him.
  • Does not give himself or others enough credit. Perfectionist; judges harshly.

IQ: 120

Can analyze information and make inferences.

Acheivement: Masters degree, lawyer, executive

Joshua – First mate on the airship X.  Our protagonist. After traveling to another planet in pursuit of his love, he returns to find his world transformed, and himself pursued for a crime committed on the day of his departure.

  • Motivation: To know life by experiencing it
  • Goal: Win Laura’s heart.
  • Conflict:
  • Epiphany:
  • Symbolizes: Experience. Relates to concrete experiences. Prone to logical fallacies.

Personality Type – ESFJ

  • Caregiver. Strong sense of responsibility and duty. Values traditions and security; serving others. Needs positive reinforcement.
  • Good at reading others.
  • Wants to like people.
  • Bring out the best in others.
  • Sees what needs to be done; does whatever it takes to do it.
  • Overlooks flaws in others.
  • Raised with strong value system.
  • Wants to control his environment.
  • Tendency to command/control others.
  • Not into abstract theoretical concepts or impersonal analysis.
  • Can blindly accept rules of the established system.

IQ: 110

Acheivements: College degree, manager, teacher.

Laura Troi – the daughter of an important official, and the love interest of our protagonist.

Laura is enthralled by the knowledge and opportunities opened by the arrival of the galactic Government on her planet.

  • Motivation: A thirst for knowledge.
  • Goal: To join the Government mission and see the galaxy.
  • Conflict: Her attachment to her father and sense of duty to her people prevent her from leaving.
  • Epiphany: She cannot help others by letting them define her. She will
  • Symbolizes- Science; synthesis of theory and experience

Personality Type: INTP

  • Thinker. Logical, creative. Excited about theories and ideas, developing a clear understanding.
  • Quiet and reserved, hard to get to know well.
  • No interest in leading or following.
  • Sees the world in terms of how it could be improved, or what it could be turned into. Wants society to move towards a higher understanding.
  • Tolerant and flexible until a firmly held belief is challenged, then takes a rigid stance.
  • Shy around new people, but self-confident and gregarious with those she knows well.
  • Not in-tune with how other people are feeling; not best at meeting emotional needs of others.
  • Tendency to be overly-critical or sarcastic.
  • Does not value popularity or security.
  • Restless, temperamental.

IQ: 130

Expected Achievement Level: Scholar, PhD

Aaron Leggett– The chief representative of the galactic Government in the party that has visited our planet.

  • Motivation: Leggett is a true believer in the Government’s mission to bring peace, prosperity, democracy, and human rights to all corners of the galaxy. He also desires to advance his career, chiefly by winning the support of his fellow government representatives.
  • Goal: Wants his trip to Joshua’s planet to be  a success
  • Conflict: The other members of the Government mission stand to gain if he is seen to fail.
  • Epiphany:
  • Symbolizes: Logic; theory disconnected from reality checks.

Personality Type: ENFP

  • Inspirer. Enthusiastic, idealistic. Multitalented, great people skills. Charming, ingenuous, risk-taking, sensitive, people-oriented.
  • Excited by new ideas, bored with details.
  • Passionate and excited about things; able to inspire and motivate others.
  • Can talk his way out of anything.
  • Life is a special gift; make the most out of it.
  • Wants to feel that he is living as his true self.
  • Does not always follow through on his projects; can get excited by the next one.
  • Needs time alone to center himself. (burns out on emotional excitement).
  • Tendency toward overdoing it with new people, in effort to win acceptance.
  • No importance on detailed maintenance tasks.
  • Can jump to conclusions when he attempts to apply judgment to his perception.
  • Becomes unhappy when confined to strict schedules or repetitive tasks.
  • Suffers from muscle tension.
  • Doesn’t believe in controlling others.

IQ: 130

Expected Achievement Level: Scholar, PhD

Spencer Troi

Tall, corpulent. Driven by desires: intense love for his children; passionate about politics; large appetites.

Personality Type: ENFJ

  • Giver. Popular and sensitive. Outstanding people skills.
  • Real concern for how others think and feel. Main interest in life is giving love, support, and a good time to other people.
  • Dislikes being alone.
  • Deals with things according to how he feels about them.
  • Can use his people skills to manipulate others.
  • Turns to dark thoughts when alone.
  • Focused externally, he can forget his own needs.
  • Chameleon-like ability to relate to others on their own level.
  • Self-confident, straightforward, and honest.
  • Well-organized.
  • Cannot deal with logic and facts absent any connection to a human element.
  • Excited about possibilities for the future; bored by the present.
  • Strong need for close, intimate relationships.
  • Can make decisions based on established social rules without really understanding the situation.
  • Ability to see growth potential in others.

IQ: 140

Expected Achievement Level: Scientist, innovator

Maddox Troi – Son of Spencer Troi.

Personality Type: INFJ

  • Protector. Quiet, forceful, original, sensitive. A rare type.
  • Sticks to things until they are done.
  • Intuitive about people.
  • Well-developed value system that he strictly adheres to; needs to live in accordance with what he feels is right.
  • Well-respected. Individualistic.
  • Wants things orderly and systematic.
  • Trusts his own instincts. Ignores others’ opinions.
  • Perfectionist. Doubts he is living up to his full potential.
  • Can be gentle, easy-doing, patient; is a nurturer.
  • Natural affinity for art and the sciences.
  • Not good at dealing with minor details.

IQ: 120

Expected Achievement Level: Lawyer, executive

Walter – A member of the Troi family.

Dialogue Examples

“Yes. No, really, I’ve got this. I won’t let you down.”

Personality type: ESTJ

  • Guardian. Practical, traditional, organized.
  • Interested in practical application, not abstraction.
  • Loyal and hard-working.
  • Values peace and security.

IQ: 90

Expected Achievement Level: Craftsman, clerk, police officer

Gabe – A ruffian, hired by Tophet Arcadia to slow down the Troi procession.

Personality Type: ESFP

  • Performer. People-oriented, fun-loving.
  • Lives for the moment, loves new experiences.
  • High in common sense and practical ability.

IQ: 100

Expected Achievement Level: senior position

Wainwright – A government official, rival of Leggett. Suffers from bonelessness.

Personality Type: ENTP

  • Visionary. Creative and resourceful. Quick thinker.
  • Enjoys debate and one-upmanship.
  • Outspoken and assertive.
  • Enjoys people.
  • Able to quickly understand concepts and find logical solutions.

IQ: 130

Expected Achievement Level: Scholar, PhD

Tophet Arcadia – Rival of Spencer Troi.

Personality Type: ENTJ

  • Executive. Assertive and Outspoken. Driven to lead.
  • Excellent public speaker
  • Values knowledge and competence.
  • No patience with inefficiancy.
  • Understands difficult organizational problems and creates solutions for them.



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