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I have a great idea for a novel. You know what would make it even better?…

Science Fiction Novel

It is the far future.  Human pioneers have spread to every part of the galaxy. A central authority has nominal sovereignty over all of humanity, but due to the distance between star systems, civilizations can rise and fall between visits from its envoys.  One day, on a world where knowledge of life on other planets has been lost for ages, a massive starship lands.  The ship’s technology is obviously unimaginably advanced.  A hatch opens, and a handsome man emerges.  Raising his hands to a terrified populace and smiling, he says “I’m with the Government, and I’m here to help.”

That’s central idea for my science fiction epic. The other tabs on this page take you to more information about the world, the characters, and the plot.

Note: I’ve put this novel on the shelf while I work on a mystery novel, set in present-day North Carolina. Turned out that creating an entire universe was too much to take on as a first effort. I’ll come back to it some day, but for now I’m tackling a project in which I can focus on the basics of plot and characterization without juggling cultures, languages, technologies, etc.


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