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Novel Updates – Feedback needed!

I’ve added a few sub-tabs under “The Story.”

  • Characters: I’ve got descriptions of the major characters and some of the minor ones.
  • World: Still TBD.  This is where a description of my fictional world is going to go.  Many of the ideas suggested by readers so far will go here.  I’ve got  Iceland, Cloud Forests, a river with great green trees sprouting up like mushrooms, a solid fog bank that appears out of nowhere, and a swamp where people float on rafts, with weapons drawn for giant monsters.
  • Plot: I’ve added a paragraph-long summary of the story, from start to finish. This is step 2 of the snowflake, and it’s subject to heavy revision later. My initial idea of a galactic Government revealing itself to an isolated, and technologically backward world is still there, but has probably happened before the opening scene of the novel.

The reason I’m calling this blog “Stone Soup Novelist” is that I plan to write my book “Agile”-style.  My IT geek friends and coworkers know what this means: in software terms, you release in stages, starting as early as possible, getting feedback along the way. So, take a look at my synopsis, my nameless characters, and let me know what you like, what you hate, and what you wish was there that isn’t.  Whether you’re a friend, an acquaintance, or someone who stumbled in here from a Google search for ERIN ANDREWS PHOTOS (sorry, sorry, that was unethical), I’d love to hear from you. Thanks.


By posting this comment, you are granting me permission to use the words and ideas expressed below in my novel. You will not sue me when it becomes a bestseller. This is totally legally binding.

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